Black & Blue's debut album "Stopping All Stations" was released November 09! CDs are available at all our gigs for $20, or you can buy it right here for A$20 + $5.00 postage and handling anywhere within Australia!!

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THE SYDNEY BLUES SOCIETY C.D. Review Black & Blue Stopping All Stations (11 tracks, 42.09 minutes)

Personally I get a little tired of the continuing interstate rivalry debate between Melbourne and Sydney – I can’t work out why the Melbournians continue to argue. However, I think I have worked out another reason why we know Sydney is so much better than Melbourne – because if there is ever anything good about Victoria, the Vics never tell us. All they have told us over the last few years is that they have a plague of rabbits in their vineyards and an oversupply of wool (it’s cultural apparently). So, given that the Victorians keep secrets from us, I should not have been surprised to hear a great debut CD from a Victorian band that I have never heard of before.

Black & Blue is a blues band made up of experienced musicians: Steve Gibbs (lead vocals), Frank Breen (lead guitar), Pat Deguara (bass guitar & vocals), Aaron Richard (keyboards) and Kevin Starling (drums). Whilst it took me a while to get used to the vocals of Gibbs, they gradually grew on me and I now enjoy them very much. However, from the first track I immediately loved the lead of guitarist Frank Breen. In addition, the band is backed up by a solid rhythm section and keyboards - a good solid, tight band.

Their debut CD is “Stopping All Stations” and it’s definitely worth a listen and purchase. It is often difficult to describe music and many of us hate to pigeonhole music as a certain style. However, to give you some indication I would categorise their music as modern/traditional blues, but definitely blues. Confused? Modern mainly because of the subject matter of their self penned lyrics, yet not modern in its musical style, not like say Ash Grunwald or Xavier Rudd – Black & Blue sound more like traditional electric blues. To give you an idea, their music is in part influenced by bands like Chain, The Bondi Cigars, Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top and BB King. The band describes themselves as “Melbourne’s Dirtiest Blues Band,” and having a “…rocky, dirty blues groove...” Of the 11 tracks on “Stopping All Stations” 6 are self penned and the other 5 are covers of old blues. The songs they have written are great songs and blend in nicely with the covers they have chosen.

The covers included are: “The Hunter” (Booker T), “I Can Tell” (a Sam Smith composition & also played by Bo Didley). “Sinners Prayer” (written by Blind Lowell Fulson, Lloyd & Glenn & recorded by the likes of Eric Clapton), “Grab A Snatch and Hold It” (a Junior Wells song also covered many years ago by Chain) and “Big Leg(ged) Woman” (written by Israel Tolbert who had a hit in 1971 with it and which was subsequently also recorded by Freddie King).

So to our surprise, some good things do come out of Victoria and if you feel like listening to some fresh electric blues I recommend you listen to Black & Blue’s “Stopping All Stations”

Black & Blue have developed a good reputation in Victoria playing at pubs, clubs and various blues festivals throughout Victoria. Victoria’s Secrets – it just doesn’t seem fair. Someone should invite one of Victoria’s great secrets to play at a gig or festival in NSW soon.


As an added bonus, here are some tracks from our 2006 demo recording.
Files are all in mp3 format, click to listen or right-click and choose wherever you want to save it.

Messin' with the Kid
Howlin' at the Moon
Slippin' In
The Sky is Crying



Aslo here are two video links to some live action.

T Bone Shuffle.

The Devil and Me.